Monday, March 14, 2011

40 Days for Life Kick Off Rally

The Denver 40 Days for Life had their Kick off Rally on Saturday March 5 at St. James parish.
Bishop James Conley, Auxiliary Bishop of the Denver archdiocese gave a very moving and heartfelt sermon. He brought me to tears. Here is a link to the article in the Denver Catholic Register detailing his sermon.

Fr. John Paul Leyba from St. Thomas More in Centennial also gave a very profound speech during the rally. By the time I had to speak I was completely undone. It is so great to see our shepards leading their flock in the cause for Life. Bishop Conley said something very incisive; being pro-life is a spirituality. That is so true.
I hope many, many more people will sign up to pray for the 40 Days for life. We can all do our part to save babies from such a cruel death and to help their mothers avoid the biggest mistake they will ever make.
If you can't be at a clinic praying please consider saying a daily rosary at home or in adoration in support.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top Pro-Abort "We are not going to reclaim the ground we have lost"

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40 Days for Life

The 40 Days for Life is peaceful prayer and fasting campaign.
I strongly urge all to sign up and be a prayerful witness to the young
women going into an abortion mill. Your presence may be the only
truth this young woman will ever see or hear concerning abortion.
It starts Wednesday, March 9th the first day of lent. Click on the title of this post
and it will bring you to their web-site.
It would be a great lenten sacrifice.
We have three campaigns in Colorado. One in Ft. Collins, Boulder which is really
needed and at the Planned Parenthood in Denver.
Our prayers, fasting and sacrifices is what is giong to help end abortion.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unplanned the Book

I read the book "Unplanned" by Abby Johnson. It was very good and I highly recommend it.
In the book she talks about how she found compassionate and sincere women who worked at Planned Parenthood with her and how they really wanted to help women. When I was a volunteer at Planned Parenthood I found the same thing. I was the one that was the angry, militant in your face feminist. I was the one that would argue and yell at pro-lifers. I was the one that was suspicious of all pro-lifers especially the Christians and denigrated them. My conversion was not a slow process. It was not a process at all. It truly was an instanteous thing; a St. Paul experience. God is very merciful and kind.
Another thing that struck me was how Abby always thought her mission was to reduce the number of abortions. Again, I never felt that way. I thought it was a women's right and noone could tell her what to do with her body. A women can have as many abortions as she wanted and noone should stop her.
The thing that really got me though with Abby's book is when she describes the ultrasound guided abortion that she witnessed. That just about undid me. If anyone can read that chapter and not understand and believe in the humanity of the unborn child and see how wrong abortion is and why women suffer from it so much then.......I really don't know what to say....souless....hardened, some of the things that come to mind though. I think even I would have been converted if I had read a book like that back in my feminists days.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A good blog

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Where are the Feminists?

This discussion is about the hypocrisy of the feminists. Where is the outrage towards the abortion doctor Gosnell and his house of horrors? Have you heard from any feminists groups?

Jan 23 2011 Rally in Springfield, IL

I was invited by the Springfield, IL Right to Life committee to speak at their rally they have every year at the State Capitol. It was cold that Sunday, January 23rd and snowy. Many people attended though despite the cold and the fact that the Bears were playing that day. One part of the rally really touched me. They had young children lay roses in a vase to commemorate all the children who have died through abortion since Roe v Wade. It was very touching.
I told my story and hopefully imparted my message of how abortion hurts womem. I also encouraged them to consider praying or counseling in front of an abortion clinic. Having a prayerful presence at an abortion clinic and reaching out to the women going in there may be the only truth these women will ever hear. I just feel it's so important.
Happy New Year everyone!