Monday, May 3, 2010


St. Thomas Aquinas defines love as sacrificing onself for the good of another. Abortion is just the oopposite. In abortion women sacrifice their baby for their own good. Why does this happen? Women are being told that their career, finances, jobs, schooling etc are more important than their babies. Many women fall for this. I did, twice. You take a scared, confused, unsure young woman who is in a crisis pregnancy and you dangle this carrot in front of her face ( the lies). Chances are she's going to jump at it. Society presents crisis pregnancies as a problem and they entice women with a "solution", a deadly solution.
How can we counter this attack? Love. We can love these women and offer them real solutions, not death. We can teach them about love. Love is sacrifice. I am willing to sacrifice my career and whatever else to bring my baby to life. Now, that's love!