Friday, February 19, 2010

A man left this note for me after my talk in New Mexico.

Dear Mrs. Brennan,
Thank you very much for your talk. When my daughter was 15 I found out that my ex-wife had put her on birth control. I went to the doctor of my daughter but she wouldnl't talk to me. In New Mexico a girl of any age can get birth control and an abortion without informing her parents.
Later my own girlfirend said that she might be pregnant. Even though I was out of the church I said I would hlep. She said "no", that she would "take care of it." I never heard from her again. I asked health professionals and legal people to help but men have no rights to find out what happend to their girlfirend's or wife's pregnancy. I pray for them.
God Bless you.

I think men need to start a movement, a man's movement of speaking out and demonstrating, demanding etc. that their voices be heard in regards to abortion. I hope some men will take my suggestion and get the ball rolling. Society needs men, unborn children need their fathers to speak up!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

How men are harmed by abortionPosted: 2/12/2010
An important but often unacknowledged angle of the abortion debate involves the serious effects that legalized abortion has on men.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Silent No More Gathering

Planned Parenthood had invited prominent women in the Denver area to tour their facilities. Planned Parenthood is trying to garner support from the community. So I wanted to counteract PP's deadly message and organized a Silent No More gathering during their "tour". About 70 women and men gathered outside the entrance of Plannced Parenthood in the snow and cold. We held our signs; I Regret my Abortion, Women Do Regret Abortion, A Pregnant Woman Needs Support Not Abortion, Men Regret Lost Fatherhood and Women Deserve Better than Abortion.
Many of the women driving in were unfamiliar with the area so hesisted going in. This gave them a chance to actually notice us and read our signs. We didn't shout or yell at the people driving in. We just stood silently holding our signs. I know we made an impact.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The campaign being waged by pro-abortion feminist groups against the pro-life Super Bowl ad starring college football star Tim Tebow appears to be backfiring.
In recent days former VP candidate Sarah Palin and a CBS official both have warned of the negative image the feminist groups are casting for themselves by opposing the ad. At the same time, the pro-abortion campaign has galvanized pro-life groups into mounting a firm response, through [1] petitions, [2] Facebook [3] groups, and other mediums, which have gained widespread and growing support.

I heard Gloria Allred give an interview on a local radio station yesterday. She was practically accusing Pam Tebow of lying about her experience. It just goes to show and I say this all the time femnist groups like NOW, NARAL and Planned Parenthood do NOT care about women they care about abortion. Gloria also made the derogatory comment "mandatory motherhood" when defending a woman's right to "choose". She and women like her are afraid of their womaness and their feminity that is why they are so rabidly pro-abortion. What is the essence, the very meaning of being a woman but to give birth and nurture life. They hate that. It is very sad really when you think about it. That's why I always encourage people to pray for these women. They are so filled with anger and hatred they desperately need our prayers.

My Trip To New Mexico

I was in Las Vegas, NM this past weekend. First I spoke to the confirmation class of Immaculate Conception parish. There was about 100 young people in attendance. Great kids! I do like speaking to young people. Sometimes you don't know what they are thinking but I know I capture their attention because they stop talking and actually look at me.
Then on Sunday, I did a parish talk which included another group of confirmation students from Our Lady of Sorrows parish. We had a very lively question and answer session where many of the attendees were engaged and passionate. I enjoyed myself very much.
The faith is alive in New Mexico.

Monday, February 1, 2010

January 28, 2010 ( - Of all the things I remember about the Texas March for Life in Austin last January, the memory that stands out the most is the look on the faces of the counter-protesters who followed us along Congress Avenue and down to the capitol that frosty morning. When I glanced over to see the source of the epithets that were being screamed at us, I met the eyes of one young woman wearing a black bandana over the bottom half of her face. She happened to look over and meet my gaze, and in her eyes I saw one thing: hatred.

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