Friday, February 12, 2010

Silent No More Gathering

Planned Parenthood had invited prominent women in the Denver area to tour their facilities. Planned Parenthood is trying to garner support from the community. So I wanted to counteract PP's deadly message and organized a Silent No More gathering during their "tour". About 70 women and men gathered outside the entrance of Plannced Parenthood in the snow and cold. We held our signs; I Regret my Abortion, Women Do Regret Abortion, A Pregnant Woman Needs Support Not Abortion, Men Regret Lost Fatherhood and Women Deserve Better than Abortion.
Many of the women driving in were unfamiliar with the area so hesisted going in. This gave them a chance to actually notice us and read our signs. We didn't shout or yell at the people driving in. We just stood silently holding our signs. I know we made an impact.

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