Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The campaign being waged by pro-abortion feminist groups against the pro-life Super Bowl ad starring college football star Tim Tebow appears to be backfiring.
In recent days former VP candidate Sarah Palin and a CBS official both have warned of the negative image the feminist groups are casting for themselves by opposing the ad. At the same time, the pro-abortion campaign has galvanized pro-life groups into mounting a firm response, through [1] petitions, [2] Facebook [3] groups, and other mediums, which have gained widespread and growing support.


I heard Gloria Allred give an interview on a local radio station yesterday. She was practically accusing Pam Tebow of lying about her experience. It just goes to show and I say this all the time femnist groups like NOW, NARAL and Planned Parenthood do NOT care about women they care about abortion. Gloria also made the derogatory comment "mandatory motherhood" when defending a woman's right to "choose". She and women like her are afraid of their womaness and their feminity that is why they are so rabidly pro-abortion. What is the essence, the very meaning of being a woman but to give birth and nurture life. They hate that. It is very sad really when you think about it. That's why I always encourage people to pray for these women. They are so filled with anger and hatred they desperately need our prayers.

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