Friday, February 19, 2010

A man left this note for me after my talk in New Mexico.

Dear Mrs. Brennan,
Thank you very much for your talk. When my daughter was 15 I found out that my ex-wife had put her on birth control. I went to the doctor of my daughter but she wouldnl't talk to me. In New Mexico a girl of any age can get birth control and an abortion without informing her parents.
Later my own girlfirend said that she might be pregnant. Even though I was out of the church I said I would hlep. She said "no", that she would "take care of it." I never heard from her again. I asked health professionals and legal people to help but men have no rights to find out what happend to their girlfirend's or wife's pregnancy. I pray for them.
God Bless you.

I think men need to start a movement, a man's movement of speaking out and demonstrating, demanding etc. that their voices be heard in regards to abortion. I hope some men will take my suggestion and get the ball rolling. Society needs men, unborn children need their fathers to speak up!


  1. There is a movement in the Catholic Church that challanges men to take responsibility and become men of God. You can read about it at:
    I'm sure there are opportunities in other religous groups like this. We have to take the responsibility. Blessings, Dave

  2. One thing I learned from the Catholic Men's program is the the development of the birth control pill was initiated by men with the compliane of M. Sanger - the founder of Planned Parenthood. The separation of sex from conception was certainly more 'liberating' to men than women. What do you think?

  3. Oh, I agree with you Dave. The pill is horrible for women on so many levels. Give women powerful synthetic hormones so men can have sex with them. How does that help women?