Monday, January 18, 2010

My Trip To Nebraska

I went to Gering, NE this weekend. I spoke at Christ the King church. It was a great experience. Gering is a farming community in South Western Nebraska. Everyone was so nice. The parish priest and a retired priest attended my talk. I always like to see priests there. I hope I give them some insight on how to counsel post-abortive women.
I met a woman from the parish who had 20 children! An amazing story. That is the best thing about my ministry I get to talk to so many people with such interesting stories. I also spoke with many men who were very touched by my story. I like to get the male perspective.
I also met a woman, and this happens a lot, who said she was so happy that she chose to give birth to her son rather than abort him. Her son is now in his 20's and she never regretted her decision. My son would also have been in his 20's.
I'm off to California this weekend. I can't wait to go to the Walk for Life.

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