Thursday, January 21, 2010

This article is about how Planned Parenthood wants to "help" the people of Haiti after the earthquake. Their idea of "help" is very disturbing. I wonder how many women who are in shock, scared, homeless, maybe lost loved ones and are pregnant. These are the women Planned Parenthood supposedly wants to help. They think the best way to help these women is to convince them to have their unborn baby sucked from their womb and thrown in the trash. They would "counsel" them that having a baby now would be disasterous; how can you take care of it? How will you both survive? Saying things like this will further traumatize these women and unfortunately some women will fall for these manipulations. The women of Haiti deserve real help, help that is life saving not destroying. Please continue to pray and consider donating to organizations that will truly HELP the women of Haiti.

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